Commercial Fuel Delivery

Commercial Fuel and Oil Delivery

Southeastern Fuels delivers diesel fuel, gasoline, heating oil, kerosene, lubricants and motor oil and to all types of businesses including contractors, industry, institutional, commercial, government, marinas, vendors, farms and more. Are you building a bridge, highway or building? What about operating a fleet of vehicles or running a farm? Maybe you are running generator, heating a building, hospital or factory. If so then we can provide the fuel to keep you going. When fuel is needed we can provide it in quantities as small as 25 gallons or as large as 8500 gallons per delivery.

Commercial Credit Application

Most of our commercial customers complete the commercial credit application for Southeastern Fuels. This allows them to order fuel, oil and lubricants and be billed later. You can download a copy of our commercial credit application by clicking here. You can fax or mail this application to the address or fax number on our contact page.

Equipment Loans & Rentals

Along with fuel, we can also provide you with tanks and pumps for your everyday permanent needs or for temporary fuel needs such as construction sites, emergencies, etc. Contact us about loaner and rental programs for tanks and pumps.