Home Heating Oil

Home Heating Oil and Kerosene Delivery

Southeastern Fuels distributes home #2 heating oil and K-1 kerosene to customers all throughout northeastern North Carolina and the Outer Banks. Our heating oil and kerosene is only purchased from major fuel suppliers so we can guarantee a clean, high quality product for your home. With our Keep-Full service, we monitor your tank levels so you never have to worry about running out, and we only bill for the amount of fuel you use.

Keep-Full Service

With our keep-full service, you never have to worry about running out of heating oil or kerosene in the winter. Our technicians will monitor your tank levels and fill them periodically while billing you only for the amount of heating oil or kerosene you use.

Residential Credit Application

Many home owners and renters like to establish a line of credit with Southeastern Fuels which allows them to order fuel when necessary and be billed later. You can download a copy of our residential credit application by clicking here. You can fax or mail this application to the address or fax number on our contact page.

Senior Citizens Discount

Senior citizens qualify for a 3 cents per gallon discount on home heating fuels for deliveries of 100 gallons or more. Smaller deliveries are discounted $1.00 net.